All Stars Entertainments

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Tailor your event by choosing further options ....


A pair of Equinox flame effect lights... with a twist. 1.5 metres high linked together these create an unusual colour changing effect, brilliant for pictures and a talking point.

Best used near to the speakers due to the operational noise of the fans!


Transform your venue...Many stage areas are not very attractive! We have Two 3 x2 metre starcloths to make things look classy. Again, great for pictures.


Uplighting and wall washing.

Using the latest LED effects with an infinate colour pallette, this safe no heat system can be single colour or change with the music.

Smoke, Haze, Low fog and Bubbles are used as 'atmospheric' effects to enhance lighting effects... and as a wee bit of fun!

Use of these are at the discretion of the venue.